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A podcast where editors discuss their post-production regrets, what they learned from their mistakes, and how they would approach projects differently if they had a second chance.

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Spider Alley (Tim Wilson)

Field production can be tough: managing shoots, carrying heavy equipment, getting covered in thick spider webs. Uhm, what? Yeah, I think I’ll stay in my edit suite. In this very educational Track Matte Moment, Tim Wilson tells the tale of a very eventful day spent in the Everglades in the 90s when he was still running a production company in the Florida Keys. Before BorisFX, Avid and his current role at Creative, Tim produced a number of television shows, including a magazine-style nature show that occasionally brought him a lot closer to his subjects than he may have anticipated. A Track Matte Moment everyone should hear - inspiration, advice, and terror.

Tim Wilson is Vice-President and Editor-in-Chief at You can read his COW blog and article or follow him on Twitter, but you should definitely check out his tumblr.


Monica’s Mixup (Monica Daniel)

Before Monica Daniel was at the helm of frenzied red carpet cuts or horror documentaries, she spent her years in the trenches as an assistant editor. In this Track Matte Moment, Monica tells us about the time when she made a tiny mistake that cost a whole lot of time and sanity. We also talk about owning your mistakes and making your way up the food chain.

Monica Daniel is an offline and online editor in Los Angeles. You can hear her on a regular basis on her podcast Going Postal Show, or read her blog and follow her on Twitter.


Springer Snafu (Christian Glawe)

We all remember our first job in the industry. Syncing clips, making dubs, scrubbing the floors with a dirty sponge. Wait, what? In this Track Matte Moment, we talk to LA-based editor Christian Glawe about his start in the Chicago post-production scene. He tells us about his extra special skills that got him the job, adventures with fanny packs, and the moment he was poised scissors-first over a reel that may or may not have contained graphics for Jerry Springer.

Christian Glawe works on all kinds of stuff in the LA area. He can be followed on Twitter or his website.


Camera Cock-Ups (Ben Barden)

And NOW we're back from the dead with fresh podcasts -- and in this one, we actually explain where we've been! Long story short, Kes and Kylee got new jobs that threw some new challenges at them which distracted 'em ALL SUMMER basically. They're very sorry and hope to make it up to you by sharing more great harsh life lessons.

In this TMM, Ben Barden shares his greatest hits in field production fuck-ups, mostly in commercial photography. If you can't tell the instant you listen to this episode, Ben lives in the UK where he works as a professional photographer and videographer. He claims not to have one single moment that keeps him up at night, but a series of little stupid things through which he's learned to compensate for his own incompetencies. We talk about the perils of starting his career, his embarrassing moment in an operating room with an open chest cavity, and the story behind this photo of Prince Charles:



Kira’s Cojones (Kira MacAlpine)

Uh, so yeah, hi. We're still here. Sorry for the radio silence. We've both been a little...busy. And unfortunately, we don't explain ourselves in this episode because we recorded it in MAY. MAY! We're so sorry. But we'll be back on the regular with TMMs now that we've got ourselves straight again. Explanations forthcoming. Let's get to the content.

In this episode, we talk to Kira MacAlpine about her start in the video production industry -- as an intern turned editor for a major sports team. Tasked with cutting the opening video for a game, Kira's TMM goes down a rabbit hole of errors and computer glitches in a race to the finish. We also talk about working with difficult clients and breaking into the sports video industry.

Since we recorded this TMM, Kira has moved from Philly to NYC, and is now living in Dallas, but she'll be in LA soon. Basically, we should never ask her where she's currently living if we don't want to date our episodes. She's been a freelance producer and editor for a long time, and you can find her on Twitter.


Special: Live from In-N-Out Burger at NAB 2013

On the last day of the NAB Show, many editors gathered together at the In-N-Out Burger in Las Vegas to share double doubles (animal style) and talk about what they saw at the show. We took the opportunity to get out our handy Zoom recorder and pass it around the table. The question: what'd you see that made an impression? What will help you avoid TMMs in the coming year? It gets a little silly, and apologies for the plosives (and Jason's audio quality, oopsies, we were in a restaurant!) but overall, a nice impromptu podcast with some of Twitter's finest!

(Posted from the airport in Vegas. I'll include pictures soon.)

Edit: apparently "soon" means three weeks later.

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Special: On Not Screwing up Your NAB Experience (with Bob Zelin & Deb Eschweiler)

In this special edition of the Track Matte Moment, we talk to Deb Eschweiler and the legendary Bob Zelin about how to do the NAB Show the right way -- avoiding those #TMMs before you get out to Vegas. In other words, how NOT to screw up your experience in Vegas. We cover a lot of ground: almost as much as you will on the show floor (haw!). In our hour-long conversation, we discuss the importance of having a plan in the exhibit hall, approaching industry rockstars (that aren't actually rockstars), strategies for maintaining your well-being (spoiler: avoid alcohol), understanding the scope of the show and the culture shock of broadcast, the relevance of NAB, and the importance of learning about and exploring newer, smaller companies that don't necessarily start with A.

Bob Zelin has been going to NAB since "before any of you were born" in his words. Bob designs, installs and maintains facilities in the professional television and audio industry. That is, when he isn't sharing profound truths with unsuspecting Internet forum users. You can find him mostly on Creative COW. His meet-up is Monday, April 8th after 8PM at the Hard Rock Hotel -- drink for your business card.

Deb Eschweiler has been on the Track Matte Moment before. She's a freelancer in Minnesota who has been a regular NAB attendee for close to 10 years. Go listen to her Track Matte Moment and catch up with her on Twitter. It's still unknown if she'll be at NAB this year because she keeps things interesting.

Kylee and Kes will be in Vegas for this year's NAB Show from Saturday to Friday. They'll both be in the lower south hall mostly all day Monday through Wednesday (though Kylee will be found in the Small Tree Communications booth, SL6005, on Tuesday and Wednesday, so she'll be VERY easy to find.) Come say hello if you see us, or tweet if you want to meet up. We'll have a recorder if anyone should happen to want to record a TMM live.

Our calendars for the week are listed below. See you in Vegas!

Kylee's is on her blog.
12:00 am Land in Vegas

12:00 pm-4:00 pm Take care of badge registration
4:00 pm Check out Avid press conference
7:00 pm-late evening Hang out with Rampant Media Design or Hit up the strip

8:30 am-3:30 pm Exhibit Hall
4:00 pm #postchat tweetup
5:30 pm Media Motion Ball Setup
8:00 pm-late evening Open

8:30 am-4:30 pm Exhibit Hall
5:00 pm Supermeet
9:00 pm Private Party

8:30 am-5:30 pm Exhibit Hall


Newsworthy Narbo (Jason Konoza)

Don't know what a narbo is? Then you should listen to Jason Konoza explain it! When Jason was coming of age in broadcast editing, he took a job at a hip new channel that was launching in Edmonton. Turns out, when a television channel is launched, it's…a little rocky at first. Listen in as Jason tells us about his debut night feature screw-up that was so bad, it made the paper. Jason tells us about using the Sony DNE-700 NLE, the highs and lows of news editing, his outlook for broadcast, cutting on a fast deadline, and some Canadian stereotypes and insults. He also gives us some burger advice -- the best fast food, AND the best burger in Vegas if you're heading to NAB soon!

Jason Konoza is a news editor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He's worked at CTV for 12 years and in broadcast news editing even longer. You can find him on Twitter, or catch up on his blog. He'll also be in Vegas for NAB if you want to take him up on his burger advice in person.

And the Sony DNE-700 hardware is still available on eBay if anyone wants to make a bid.


Baseball Blunder (Art Guglielmo)

You always watch all your stuff for mistakes, right? For YouTube or DVD or...broadcast? Of course you do. Except for that time you didn't. Or in Art Guglielmo's case, almost didn't. In this exciting Track Matte Moment, Art shares his very special almost-whoopsy as he cuts the first thing to air on the brand new MLB Network. It's a race against time and common sense to get your piece to air at 6PM, and well, you can listen to see how it all turned out.

Spoiler alert, though, he's won two Emmys, so it must have been okay. Art Guglielmo is an editor/producer for the MLB Network, where he's received accolades for his work on such shows as MLB Tonight. He's been working in sports television for much of his career. In this Track Matte Moment, we also talk to Art about Twitter, choosing projects to edit for free, working through tedious projects, and dealing with stupid mistakes.



Procrastination Proliferation (Connor Crosby)

Oh, to be young and carefree again. Like Connor Crosby. Not a care in the world between his college schedule, work schedule, social life, web mastering, giveaways, blogging, tweeting, and documentary filmmaking. Okay, the editing whiz is a little busy. So maybe we should cut him some slack for procrastination a little in high school. In this Track Matte Moment, Connor tells us about how a little dose of lazy made the creation of his short film Reality Check just a little bit more difficult and lengthy than it needed to be. We also talk about Kickstarter, directors, clients, and Connor's documentary Through Gay Eyes which is currently in pre-production. In fact, he's raising money through a Kickstarter campaign for THAT too, until February 10th. Go check it out and help him reach his goal. Connor also tells us the secret behind where he got the editing whiz nickname.

This TMM heavy on the non-technical nerd post conversation and light on the intensity. We hope you enjoy the break in deadline sweating and client wrangling.

Connor is a freshman at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts. He runs the post production website The Editing Whiz. He's currently raising funds for his documentary film Through Gay Eyes. Go donate by February 10th!